FAQs relating to Coronavirus (COVID-19)


FAQs relating to Coronavirus (COVID-19) updated on the 21st August 2020 This document replaces any FAQs previously published on our website

This FAQ document does not override the terms and conditions detailed within the policy wording. All claims are assessed in accordance with your policy terms and conditions. These FAQs are intended to be guidance only, and do not form part of your contractual terms with us.

Due to the impact of COVID-19 we are receiving a high number of emails and calls from customers about their wedding insurance cover. We are responding to these in the order they are received, however endeavouring to reply to customers whose wedding day is in the near future quickly. We will answer your questions as soon as possible.

If your wedding cannot go ahead as a result of COVID 19, or as a result of the social distancing rules you choose not to go ahead, you should first speak to your venue and service providers to discuss your options. Where appropriate, request a refund of the payments you have made. If your venue or suppliers are unwilling to refund you directly but you paid by credit card, contact your card provider about obtaining a refund directly to the card on which you paid.

We are able to answer some questions about the cover provided by your policy in relation to COVID-19, however as this is an unprecedented and evolving situation changes in government guidance during the easing of lockdown restrictions may affect the outcome of any claim in line with the terms and conditions detailed within the policy wording.

No - If your claim is in connection with Section 1 Cancellation or Rearrangement of your Wedding and/or Receptions it states:

What You Are Not Covered For:
We will not pay for the following in connection with claims made under this section:
4) Any claim arising directly or indirectly from:
b) government regulation or act
And, under General Exclusions Applicable to all Sections of your policy:
The Insurance does not cover:
14) losses arising from prohibitive regulations by the government of any country

Therefore, if your claim for cancellation or rearrangement of your wedding relates to restrictions imposed by the government, then the above exclusions apply, and we cannot accept your claim under this policy.

No, policy cover is provided for cancellation or rearrangement for a number of reasons known as “insured events” (detailed on page 6 of your policy wording). A reduction in the number of guests is not an insured event covered by your policy.

If the venue is unable to hold your reception because they are unable to comply with restrictions imposed upon them under Health Protection Regulations, you will not be able to claim. The policy excludes any claim arising directly or indirectly from government regulation or act.

For any claim not arising from inability of a venue to comply with the Health Protection Regulations, please contact our claims team who will consider the individual circumstances of your claim. These will be assessed in accordance with your policy terms and conditions.

No, the policy excludes any claim arising directly or indirectly from government regulation or act. The Health Protection Regulations constitute a government act and therefore fall under this exclusion.

Yes, you can change the wedding date on your policy and cover will be provided under the same terms and conditions as your current policy, which does not provide cover for cancellation or rearrangement of your wedding relating to restrictions imposed by the government.
Please note that the new wedding date(s) must be within 36 months from the original wedding date that you confirmed when the policy was originally purchased, and your reception must take place within 21 days of your wedding ceremony and the change is subject to a small additional premium.

We are unable to advise you on whether to pay your balance or not. It is best to contact your venue and suppliers to understand what options they could assist you with and, if numbers of guests are restricted, whether they will reduce the costs of their services in line with reduced guest numbers.

The Competition and Markets Authority have published guidance relating to businesses failing to respect cancellation rights during the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic which can be located here:

No, the policy provides cover in the event of death, injury or sickness of you (the policyholder) or a close relative (as defined within the policy). Sickness must be supported by medical evidence; self-isolation or shielding alone does not constitute sickness and is not covered by your policy.

If you have a scenario that the above FAQs do not cover and you have received confirmation from your wedding venue/suppliers confirming cancellation or rearrangement of your wedding, please contact our claims administrator with full information and they will assess your claim. Please note that our claims administrator is unable to discuss claims scenarios that have not yet happened and can only make decisions based on actual events. When presenting your claim, please ensure you provide:

  • all documents relevant to support your claim i.e. receipts, invoices (with supporting debit/credit card receipts/statements), booking confirmations, booking cancellations, etc. We would advise you to retain copies of all documentation for future use;
  • a copy of your original policy schedule / certificate of insurance to confirm the level of your cover and the date your policy commenced;
  • a copy of the Wedding Ceremony and Venue booking/contract, along with any other supplier contracts that are relevant to your claim;
  • proof that any claimed expenses are irrecoverable (i.e. confirmation from venues/suppliers) that no refunds will be provided, or outcome of any chargeback claims where payments were made by credit card

On all correspondence provide the unique policy number from your schedule. This will help us to validate your policy details and deal with your claim as quickly as possible.

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