FAQs relating to Coronavirus (COVID-19)


FAQs relating to Coronavirus (COVID-19) updated on the 23rd April 2020

Due to ongoing changes in UK Government polices around the COVID-19 that these FAQ’s will develop as this policy changes. These FAQ’s are a guide only on the approach taken at the time of the current UK Government policy.

Customers claim outcomes will be considered in accordance with the terms and conditions of your policy applicable at the time of purchase.

Due to the impact of COVID-19 we are receiving a high number of emails and calls from customers about their wedding insurance cover. We are responding to these in the order they are received and endeavouring to reply to customers whose wedding day is in the near future quickly. We will answer your questions as soon as possible.

If your wedding is soon but cannot go ahead due to COVID-19, we recommend that you speak to your venue and service providers and ask about rearranging your wedding date. If a change of date is not possible, request a refund of the payments you have made. If your venue or suppliers are unwilling to refund you directly but you paid by credit card, contact your card provider about obtaining a refund directly to the card on which you paid.

We are able to answer some questions about the cover offered under your policy in relation to COVID-19. This document replaces any FAQs previously published on our website.

No - If your claim is in connection with Section 1 Cancellation or Rearrangement of your Wedding and/or Receptions it states:

What You Are Not Covered For:
We will not pay for the following in connection with claims made under this section:
4) Any claim arising directly or indirectly from:
b) government regulation or act
And, under General Exclusions Applicable to all Sections of your policy:
The Insurance does not cover:
14) losses arising from prohibitive regulations by the government of any country

The Corona Virus Act 2020 is an Act of the Parliament of the United Kingdom that grants the government emergency powers to handle the 2020 coronavirus pandemic. The Act allows the government the discretionary power to limit or suspend public gatherings, including Weddings.

Therefore, if your claim is for cancellation or rearrangement of your wedding, then the above exclusions apply and we cannot accept your claim under this policy.

Yes - If you can re-arrange your wedding day your policy with us can be amended to cover a new date up to 24 months in the future for a small additional premium (if you have not already made a claim). The policy exclusions relevant to COVID-19 would still apply. If you wish to amend your policy to cover click here.

If your wedding is in the next few months, there are practical steps that you can take. Venues are generally offering to re-arrange the date of events, so it’s advisable to contact your venue for both the ceremony and reception to understand what options they could assist you with.

Without understanding when the current restrictions will end, you may want to rearrange your wedding for a future date, and we can extend your policy for up to 24 months from the date you contact us for a small additional premium (if you have not already made a claim).

If you have questions about specific reimbursements and if you are covered to claim for these, please call our claims team.

No - this is not a cover that is provided in your policy because your policy provides cover for the unavoidable cancellation of the wedding or reception. Refer to your policy terms for more details.

If your wedding is due to take place beyond the current COVID-19 restriction we would strongly recommend that if you haven’t done so already, you work with your venue and suppliers to re-arrange to a future date. We all hope the current situation has eased and the government are able to lift the social distancing, event and large gathering guidelines meaning that you can once again look forward to celebrating your big day.

We can offer you a extension for up to 24 months for a small additional premium (if you have not already made a claim).

We are unable to advise you on whether to pay your balance or not. If your wedding is in the next few months, there are many practical steps that you can take and venues are generally offering to re-arrange the date of your event. It is best to contact your venue for both the ceremony and reception to understand what options they could assist you with.

Yes - if the Government Act has been lifted your policy provides cover for the sickness of you or your close relative which would make continuance of the wedding inappropriate. All claims are subject to general exclusions and supporting medical documents may be required.

If your wedding is abroad, you will also need to consider the cover you have in place through your travel insurance. For further information on what is covered in your wedding policy, please call us.

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